Leadership and Team Development Workshops

All workshops are specifically tailored to suit your needs and objectives and can be delivered over 1/2 a day or as a suite of workshops delivered over 12 days.



How to sustain your performance and unleash your potential

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This workshop focuses on laying the foundations for long term sustainable performance for leaders, to enable them to live and lead from a place of vitality, whilst still achieving the results and level of success they aspire to.

Key Learnings: 

Key themes: Sustainable performance, Leadership, Vision, Values, Behaviour change, Identity, Relationships, Beliefs.


How to increase your influence as a leader 

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The future of leadership is not important. It's VITAL. This workshop takes your leadership team through a unique approach to developing their leadership capacity and capability to increase their Influence and Impact as leaders.

Key Learnings: 

Key themes: Leadership, Purpose, Presence, Perspective, Connection, Confidence and Congruency.


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Developing your strategy from a human angle is not important.  It's Vital 

By fully engaging participants in the planning process and designing outcomes that are inherently motivating, your team will have a clear understanding of the future vision, what it will take to get there and a true sense of connection to the strategic objectives.

Key themes: Vision, Strategy, Connection, Motivation