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how to sustain your performance without burning out.

This book helps you to develop the insights you need to uncover the barriers and triggers that limit your performance and stop you from fulfilling your potential, and living a life full of meaningful achievements.

This book takes you on a deeply personal and transformational journey that will be enable you to;

  • Live your life full of vitality

  • Understand with clarity what’s important to you, where you are really going and who you are becoming

  • Shift from intention into action by following a proven framework to support you to build new habits and behaviours that will help take your performance to the next level in a way that is sustainable.

This book includes the framework and all the tools and the templates you’ll need to make it happen. Enjoy the journey !!

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The Vitality Tracker Tool

A 7 day experience for executives, senior leaders, business owner and entrepreneurs

  • Gain new insights into your overall vitality

  • Track your physical, mental and emotional energy

  • Record your movement, eating, drinking and sleeping patterns

  • Identify your energy boosters and energy drains

  • Clarify your habits, triggers and barriers to vitality

  • Build an action plan to enhance your influence and impact as a leader

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2020 Vision White Paper

Develop 2020 Vision: How to increase productivity, align your team and create a high performance culture by clarifying your vision.  

This white paper explores how developing 2020 Vision provides positive impacts on productivity, team alignment and organisational performance.

Leaders face 3 key challenges which can become barriers to developing a clear vision of the future.

Challenge 1: Change is an inevitable part of business

Challenge 2: Busy is the norm. There's no space for strategy

Challenge 3: Time is at a premium. There aren't enough hours

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Team Motivation White Paper

The leverage effect: how great leaders motivate their people to get more done and deliver inspired results  

This white paper explores how understanding motivation can deliver significant shifts in personal and team performance.

  • Understand the 6 types of team members

  • Understand the Leverage Effect

  • Explore a new process for creating high performance teams

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